Excellence fosters innovation.

When we founded our company in 1988, there were only about 30,000 networked computers in the entire world. Today, this number has risen to just under 700,000,000. IPSWAYS has always been in tune with the times and at the center of technological development. We consider it a privilege that we could actively participate in shaping almost all milestones of evolution in modern information technology for our customers.

The innovation cycles in IT are shorter than anywhere else, since practically all sectors, such as industry and medicine, progress based on them.

This permanent change requires structures that allow for streamlined processes while providing the flexibility needed to promote innovative thinking. This is why IT at IPSWAYS not only stands for information technology, but also intelligence transfer.

As a software and IT firm, our service portfolio encompasses three areas: developing software, designing complex IT services, and recruiting freelancers and permanent employees. These key competencies are bundled under one roof as independent companies boasting a very high level of expertise that spans many years. The service offered by companies can also be combined quickly and efficiently when required. After all, innovation translates into solutions that are as simple as they are devised.