Understand and apply

The right information at the right time at the right place. IPSWAYS Information Management enables companies to structure their information systems more effectively and to provide users with information in a more systematic and cost-effective manner. IPSWAYS combines its extensive expertise in the fields of technology, architectures, systems, and specialist requirements. Business intelligence is a process in which data is converted to information and then to usable, practical knowledge. Reliable analyses and evaluations of mission-critical data play a crucial role in helping companies sharpen their competitive edge.

A special data structure (OLAP, Data Warehouse) is required to derive usable information from this data quickly and flexibly. Populating this structure with up-to-date business and contextual data provides a basis for evaluations and flexible corporate planning as a whole or for a specific project.

Adapt and safeguard

IPSWAYS strives to safeguard your company by adapting it to changing time-to-market business processes. We use the following products to this end:

  • Oracle
  • Cognos ReportNet
  • Cognos Powerplay
  • Cognos Impromptu
  • Excel

The ETL tool "DecisionStream" converts your data into meaningful, usable information. This development environment ensures that users in the company can access the data they require quickly. Integration problems are largely avoided because not one line of source code needs to written or adapted. This saves your IT staff a great deal of time and allows them to focus their energy elsewhere. The system merely needs to be told where the data is located, the form in which it is to be retrieved, and where it is to be deposited. Reporting processes can also be optimized. Cognos ReportNet helps your staff understand operational processes more quickly, allowing them to make even better decisions.

With ReportNet, we can meet all of your critical reporting requirements:

  • Integration in your security model
  • Extreme scalability (on Windows and UNIX)
  • Greater flexibility via Web-based concepts
  • Reports can be output as required
  • Suitable for inexperienced users
  • Reliable and proven user friendliness
  • Straightforward integration and automation