Consult and implement

Migration processes have a definite structural impact on an infrastructure in that they introduce permanent changes and, in particular, lasting optimization potential. IPSWAYS follows eight steps, each of which can be adapted at any time and independently of the others, to efficiently and effectively carry out even the most complex migration projects and vendor transitions:

  • Preliminary concept: Qualify potential and risks.
  • Offer: Specify the general direction.
  • Planning phase: Elaborate a detailed concept.
  • Test phase: Test-drive potential and assess risks based on data migration for individuals, for example.
  • Pilot phase: Based on data migration for a department, for example.
  • Migration: Collaborate with IT staff of customer and implement all changes together with project management and employees.
  • Provide support through to handover.
  • Closing discussion.

Our committed and ambitious employees, with their broad level of complementary experience, also enable us to swiftly tackle projects that were previously deemed as too complex and were either postponed or not transacted effectively.

Project cycle