Managed Service Providing (MSP)

Managed Services with solutions of the IPSWAYS Group: the management of a variety of suppliers and experts is the focus of our company’s operational activities. Efficient softwares of high quality and developed by our company – for administration, commissioning and invoicing of external suppliers – are the reason for our service being in a leading position in this field. With the services of our subsidiary fruuts GmbH we are pleased to provide you our superior and specific know-how. The advantages vary: you can automize and optimize a number of processes dealing with the commissioning of external services. You can save time and money in purchase, administration and controlling and avoid legal risks.

Our standardized purchasing processes and contract terms secure transparency; they enable the identification of particularly competent suppliers and the consolidation of your suppliers’ record and extensive automatized planning and controlling. As all of your suppliers provide and update all the necessary information and references by themselves, the supplier base recruits and ensures software maintenance .

Start your purchase revolution now.

You can find our solutions at: www.fruuts.com

Vendor Management System (VMS)

The number of experts commissioned as external employees and service providers is increasing – with considerable administrative and processing costs for purchasing and specialist departments. Fruuts-VMS ensures a largely automated, continuous and process-driven commissioning and billing process and ensures structured communication paths between your company, service providers and/or agencies.

Fruuts-VMS is as independent as you need it to be! For you can host it either with us or in-house. In both cases, data protection is secured.

Managing, commissioning and settling Freelancers

With our fruutworks software for administration, booking and billing of external resources such as freelancers and other service providers, your resource planning becomes easier, clearer, legally safe and considerably cheaper.

An efficient tool for administration and finding experts

We developed the frex system specifically for staff service providers maintaining a large number of candidates. This allows you to create a clear and structured administration of all relevant data for an unlimited number of candidate profiles and, additionally, supports you effectively in matching applicants with the requirement profiles of vacancies.

Software Development

Your IT projects in safe hands

Would you like to implement sophisticated IT projects in your company?

The IPSWAYS Group supports you not only by finding single experts; thanks to our experience, close cooperation with companies from a wide range of industries and the concentration of our expertise in Competence Centers, we realize your project reliably, purposefully and always at the latest technological level – better than in-house solutions.

In addition to providing individual experts for your IT projects, the IPSWAYS company group offers the entire project implementation, depending on the agreement, based on service contracts or work contracts.

Your advantages are obvious: you receive an individual and technologically first-class solution. We assume the responsibility for the problem solving, the quality assurance, the temporal project sequence and the project integration with your departments.

Depending on the task and the technological challenge, we create a specialized and well-established project team from our expert pool which has precisely the necessary experience, specializations and industry knowledge. Whether you are in the financial sector, in the automotive industry, in the pharmaceutical industry or in others, we always combine the best IT know-how with excellent industry knowledge and the experience gained from many successful projects.

We are specialists for highly dynamic web applications – Based on our many years of experience in the Java / J2EE environment, we offer our customers solutions from a single source, from IT consulting and architecture consulting, software development and quality assurance, to the operation of applications.