The IPSWAYS company group offers you the best solutions

The best of both

Many staff service providers are focused on recruiting and passing experts without checking their expertise, the business field of their customers and/or the project processes themselves. Other companies work with a group of consultants. Generalists whose know-how and experience are sufficient to meet specific project requirements.

The IPSWAYS company group combines the best of these two perspectives and avoids their disadvantages. Since we are developers ourselves and successfully market our own software solutions, we know the requirements, processes and traps that complex IT projects entail.  This competence is the secret of our success. For we recruit experts, we employ and pass them from a constantly growing pool of tens of thousands of specialists with very specific knowledge; we can find the perfect match between project requirements and staffing at any time.

Milestones of the company’s development

Growth of the IPSWAYS Group


The idea of the IPSWAYS company goes back to the IPS Software GmbH


Foundation of IPS Projects GmbH and focus on staff service providers


Foundation of fruuts GmbH as a software development company and solution provider – Managing Director Anja Crecelius


Udo Foff becomes sole shareholder of the IPSWAYS Group and leads IPSWAYS on a the growth path


Additional directors:
Andrea Scherf and Johannes Weckerle


Growth of the pool of experts since 2005

The summit cannot be reached with half force

Committed to the success of our customers.

Fair and loyal towards all partners. It is no coincidence that IPSWAYS was awarded as a top personnel service provider. Our service for companies and applicants is grounded on long-term and mutual trust. Our dealings are transparent and fair – in all respects, whether it is for our clients with who we have partly been working since the founding of our company, or the experts who are more competent, faster and more reliable at IPSWAYS Group than elsewhere.

In this way, we achieve additional value.

For our partners and for our company which is growing continuously and at a healthy pace.

We will be happy to help you. Trust the IPSWAYS Group on your way to the top.