Ihr Know-how klettert, der Personalbestand bleibt gleich.

IT projects as summit climbing

You require highly specialized and experienced experts who know the fastest and safest way to reach the summit.

And since every mountain entails different challenges, you should also assemble the best team for any IT project.

The IPSWAYS Group has been specialized since 1988 in providing the most sophisticated IT projects with the best professionals available. In our expert database, there are over 35,000 experts with a wide range of expertise. Everyone has been tested by us for their qualifications and they are equipped with excellent references. The type of contract depends on the wishes and requirements of our customers. Our service portfolio includes:

Our Freelancer

We find the best-matching applicant for your project out of our pool of freelancing experts.

You choose between several proposals, you meet the matching applicants and decide by yourself with whom you would like to start the project. IPSWAYS arranges the contractual regulations for you. Moreover, we ensure an equally matched applicant in case of a possible cancellation. You enjoy the maximum of project security and minimal expenditure at the same time.

Growth of the expert since 2005


Your advantages

  • Self-developed recruiting tool with access to over 35.000 profiles
  • Qualified recruiting through experiences in this field
  • Constant quality through permanent and active recruiting at the market
  • Maximized security in decision-making through personal and professional candidate evaluation
  • Proved confidence (+2000 customer inquiries a year)

Temporary Employment

Hiring employees

Your project requires staff that is fully devoted to your purpose and is available at any time?

A permanent position, however, is out of the question?

Then let us take care of it! We choose together with you matching applicant for your team and employ them permanently in our company. You benefit from know-how, we cover the responsibilities concerning industrial law.

Through the exclusive access to acknowledged and experienced experts from IT, engineering and other fields we enable flexible and quick reactions to fluctuating commissioning and market situations. You can integrate our experts completely in your teams, you possess the same authority to issue instructions like you do towards your own employees.

Since we guarantee our experts attractive conditions and non-tariff payments, you benefit from exceptionally motivated freelancers, secure your support, without contracts for work and services and you profit from the beginning on from highly specialised know-how, for instance, in terms of launching new technologies. You gain more flexibility and at the same time you minimize the risk of an undertaking and optimize your recruiting.




All contracts are based on the collective agreements concluded with the DGB tariff agreements, while the minimum requirements are far exceeded in most cases.

Permanent Employment

When looking for suitable candidates for vacancies in your company, we are setting all wheels in motion in order to exceed possibilities of traditional personnel search. The excellent networking and industry competence of our agents help us. They know the personnel market from many years of experience, they know about salary, the usual conditions and keep constant contact to a large number of experts, candidate exchanges and partners. This excellent network makes our placement more targeted, faster and more efficient.

Executive Search

The search for excellent leadership demands a sense of tact. We benefit from many years of experience and excellent networking in the IT and engineering industry. We find suitable candidates, contact them directly and discreetly, make a preselection regarding the qualification and readiness, and preliminary negotiate on remuneration and conditions.