PA015456F | Integrationsspezialist (m/w/d) | Düsseldorf | 8 Monate

Location:  Düsseldorf
Dauer: 8 Monate
Beginn: Feb 8, 2021
Projekt-Nr.: PA015456F

Projekt Beschreibung

Wir suchen für unseren Kunden einen Integrationsspezialist (m/w/d)

A professional consulting expert on solution architecture and methodology within the scope of the project IFRS17. The aim of the project is the technical and IT implementation of the regulatory requirements of IFRS17.

The focus of the consulting is the architectural creation of solution, enhancements of high level architecture to a level that is implementable by designers and developers within a heterogeneous system landscape. For this purpose, systems, data flows and interfaces has to be redesigned, in order to ensure working of the solution in accordance to the requirements. In addition, the consultant will exchange views and align with other responsible architects and development teams with regard to the solution, integration and data architecture.

The consultant is not subject to the instructions of the customer. This does not apply to technical and project-specific instructions from the customer that affect the result of the consulting service and do not otherwise restrict the consultants freedom to provide the service. The consultant reports into the lead architect and works in close collaboration with the other architects and project team.

1. Solution architect with 8-10 years of IT experience
2. Should be able to independently comprehend business requirement, provide solution alternatives and decide optimal solution.
3. Very strong Technical knowledge and experience of different technology including Cloud based solutions and migration
4. Knowledge of Kafka/Middleware is good but not mandatory
5. Previous lead developer who was hands on with different technology including
a. large data handling specifically flat file, jobs, schedulers
b. Integration of applications of various technology, API, REST, microservices etc
c. reporting and dashboard
d. performance analysis, measurement, reporting and improvement
e. Understanding HL Security and vulnerabilities
f. User Interfaces and portals
g. error notifications, alerts and logging

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Marcel Misini
Tel: +49 (221) 788046 – 15


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